Public Cards

Public Cards

On this page you can view a list of all the public cards.

To access the contents of the single Card you can read the QR-code from your smartphone or tablet, using any QR-code reader.
To comment on the contents of the Card, after making the 'Login', you can access the ' Comments' section.

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Publish your School Cards

Are you a teacher? You can freely copy, print and photocopy our public School Cards and share them with your students.
To access the multimedia content and the lessons of the School Cards, all you need is a smartphone and any QR-code reader and you don't need to be registered with QRPlaza.
Are you a teacher and do you want to publish your customized School Cards for the needs of your students?
Request your completely free coupon now by filling out the form on this page to generate 60 QRPlaza School Cards. Enjoy!
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